Silence -

My videos are visual music and are composed in silence for silence.

My work creates an experience of contemplation through visual language.
It is through silence that we are most in touch with our inner selves and through silence we are most likely to arrive at wonder. We can hear, see and experience with more attentiveness in silence. We can reach our poetic center in silence.

Facing the blank page -

I think it is important to face the blank page, to wonder what to do and how to form something. This is where one faces the unknown and deals with the incomprehensible. Through this process we ask those basic unanswer-able questions concerning the meaning of life and the significance of our lives and actions. This dialogue be-comes the unseen background behind our work, giving it depth and solidity.

In making choices, forming takes place and in so doing we define our directions. The illusiveness and intangible nature of our lives and experiences, can find grounding in the abstract solidity of geometric forms. Our mean-dering minds and complex feelings find solace in rhythmic repetition and order.

Using the multiple and morphing video images, I create time/space compositions, which expand and contract, are balanced yet ephemeral, filtering imagery through fragment and structure. These compositions give a sense of grounding as well as expansiveness, leaving room for the unexpected, achieving simplicity, balance and re-finement, and through the sensuality of color, reaching a sense of feeling which is deeply embedded within each of us.

I seek to reach beneath the surface of that which is visible, to find the pulse and rhythm within our everyday experiences. Between mind and experience, I seek to find an enlarged and deeply felt sense of Being. In an en-vironment which has a predilection for information, answers, and materiality, it is imperative to our well being as individuals and as a nation, to reach below the skin of the present day’s fascination with surface and to attend to soul.